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In a daring race with the ever boastful Spencer, Thomas discovers an abandoned engine, Hiro. Hiro comes from a far off place, and appears to need help. Fearing Hiro will be sent to the Smelters Yard, Thomas enlists his trusty friends to help rescue him. But will sneaky Spencer foil their plans? Help Thomas and his friends get Hiro back on the tracks again! Thomas & Friends: Hero Of The Rails Includes: 8 journeys 8 mini-games FMV from Thomas 'Hero Of The Rails'   Play as your favourite engines, including: Thomas, Percy, Spencer, Gordon, Emily and Hiro! all in beautiful 3D Race engines, toot your whistle between stations and complete activities to find the parts that will repair Hiro. Take part in 'Racing', 'Shunting', 'Repairing', 'Painting' & many more activities!  
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