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The Sweeney (1975 - 1978) The Sweeney was one of the UK's finest action-drama series of the 1970s and is still talked about today, 25 years after it was last shown. The Beginning So how did it all begin? Euston Films, the company which made The Sweeney, was created by Thames Television in the early 1970s, allowing drama shows for film and television to be produced more easily. This project began with a series of TV movies (90 minute films made exclusively for TV) and were named 'Armchair Cinema'. Only six episodes - 'The Prison', 'Sea Song', 'In Sickness and in Health', 'Tully', 'When Day is Done' and 'Regan'- were made, despite thirteen episodes being required. Success... These films, at £85,000 each to make, were considered very expensive at the time, but this was rewarded when most of the films were sold to other countries, with 'The Prison; and 'Regan' going to 47 countries alone. 'Regan' was particularly seen as having poten
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