About RecThing

A whole new way of finding great entertainment

RecThing helps you find your "taste soulmates": people from around the globe who share similar tastes in entertainment with you. Finding great entertainment is then easy: you just follow the recommendations of your taste soulmates.

How we connect you with your taste soulmates

RecThing matches you up with your taste soulmates by building up a "taste profile" with the feedback you give us while using the site. Every time you recommend something on RecThing, or give feedback by liking or disliking recommendations in your feed, RecThing gets a better understanding of your taste profile. Using this profile, RecThing recommends you users to follow on your connections page. If the suggested users to follow aren't up to scratch, you can improve the results by giving RecThing some extra training.

A place for Tastemakers

If you think you've got great tastes in Books, Film, TV Shows or Video Games, RecThing is the place for you to show off Tastemaker status. Your RecThing page is a great way to build a new channel of communication with your fans, who can follow your recommendations, and see what you're into.

Every time someone gives you positive feedback on one of your recommendations, you'll earn a "status point". Status points rank you as a global tastemaker, with the top tastemakers being listed on the tastemakers page.

You can see the number of status points you have over on your own page on RecThing.

Earn medals for your achievements

You can pick up a number of different medals on RecThing, and we'll be adding new ones all the time. Medals are either Bronze, Silver or Gold, depending on the level of the achievement.

Recommender medal

You earn Recommender medals by making recommendations.

Tastemaker medal

You earn Tastemaker medals by earning status points for your recommendations. Every time someone re-recommends or 'likes' one of your recommendations, you receive a status point.

Trendsetter medal

You earn Trendsetter medals by having your recommendations re-recommended.

Social medal

You earn Social medals by following people.

Talkative medal

You earn Talkative medals by commenting on peoples recommendations. Please don't spam though!

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